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OPA 90 (Oil Pollution Act of 1990)
Opa 90 Many incidents in the past have brought the realization of the impact and consequences a marine incident can have on the environment, industry, people involved and the general public.
  • The Exxon Valdez and other similar pollution incidents brought to the attention of the public the real fear and results of what can happen in the case of a major oil spill or tanker incident. It was one of the prime driving factors for the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90), which today, still has a major impact on the tanker industry. The Mega Borg showed how a ship fire can devastate a vessel and have long lasting results.
  • The MV Hermelin and CIC Vision incidents are good examples of just how a small cargo fire can endanger the ship and cause major problems and delays in the operations of the vessel and its profitable operation. These operations also show that a serious fire on board a ship, if acted upon promptly and properly, does not have to end in a total constructive loss.
  • The MV New Carrisa is an example of the costs and impact a non-tanker can have to the Owner, P&I and environment.
As a result, there have been many regulatory requirements that have been implemented to help stop, mitigate and/or aid these types of incidents. Probably the most well know is the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90) and the US Coast Guard regulations that came from this particular piece of legislation.
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Regulations at the international, federal and state levels.
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MHR has the background and experience of Superior Energy Services, Wild Well Control and Williams Fire and Hazard Control which gives many years of combined experience in the field of marine operation as well as marine & specialty firefighting. These companies have vested interests in providing emergency services in the fields of marine firefighting, facilities and well control/firefighting for more years than most other companies of their type.
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Marine Hazard Response provides two OPA 90 services for all tank vessels (both tank ship and tank barge). Although these services are primarily targeted to tank vessels the same services and benefits can also be applied to other types of vessels.
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MHR has the correct firefighting equipment available direct from on-hand inventories maintained by Wild Well Control and Williams Fire and Hazard Control plus specialty equipment caches located in key areas. This equipment is primarily in the Texas area of the United States but is also kept in various locations for rapid deployment. All equipment and specialty expendables are air transportable at a moment's notice.
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